“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”
George Addair

What Is Destination Fearless?

Destination Fearless is a place for creatives and solopreneurs to find actionable life and business tips they can put into practice. A creative hub, if you like, with helpful resources and a genuine desire to help you thrive, not just in your biz but also in your life.

Entering the realm of online entrepreneurship is not easy, especially when you’re in this alone. You may often feel insecure, unprepared, and worried that you might not have what it takes.

But “what it takes” is only the courage to start and take that first little step. And then another. Until you’ve already walked a mile. And when you suddenly look back, you see how much you’ve grown.

As someone who’s thinking about starting a side hustle, a freelance business or a creative outlet you can monetize and turn into your main source of income, you need to know that you’re not completely alone in this. That there’s someone who gets you.

Someone, who’s been through this and can offer a gentle nudge when you’re stuck. Because she knows what it’s like to build something out of nothing and the sacrifices it takes to do so.

Because it gets easier. And it gets better when there’s someone to cheer you on.

Who Is Destination Fearless For?

Destination Fearless is for creatives, bloggers, and online entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and who believe that creativity should never be discouraged or disconnected from either life or business.

It’s for those who:

• may not feel like they’re creatives, but think like one nonetheless.
• want to become bolder and more confident in pursuing their goals and dreams.
• know that they have what it takes to succeed, but just don’t know where to start.
• want to transform their lives and continue to learn and evolve every single day.
• believe that becoming fearless is not about the goal itself, but about the journey.

Why Did I Create Destination Fearless?

Destination Fearless initially started out as an idea for a personal development blog.

I’ve seen a lot of self-development sites and most of the time I couldn’t fully relate. Either the advice offered was generic or it failed to create a real connection with the reader.

And most of the time, for those working as freelancers or who run a small business, the option was to either follow marketing blogs for business advice and then look for any self-development sites if they're interested in something in particular.

I couldn’t find a place where both coexisted, and where the problems, issues, thought processes, and obstacles we deal with as independents are talked about.

So I decided to create that place myself. Where growth in life and growth in business are part of the same course — the one you’ve chosen (or are about to choose) for yourself.

And while you may never become completely fearless, that’s totally okay.

What matters is that you commit to overcoming some of those fears that have been weighing you down for so long. That you learn how to channel them in the right direction.

A direction that pushes you forward instead of keeping you stuck.

Who Am I?

My name is Ralitsa, but you can call me Rali.

When I'm not Captain Creative here on Destination Fearless, I work as a sales copywriter for small businesses, coaches, and course creators.

Ever since I launched my freelance biz back in 2015, I’ve been yearning to create an online space for creatives. A place where they can find encouragement and support in their own entrepreneurial journey.

My mission is to help you overcome some of the fears that are holding you down, so you can become a beacon in your niche, someone your audience will come to love and appreciate for all the value you bring and the greatness you have to share with them.

My personal fears have always been many and I'm still far from becoming fearless. But perhaps that's one of the reasons why I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone. After all, Ietting go of the heavy weight that fear brings along is more of a long-term, ongoing project.

I believe fear is sometimes necessary. But I also believe it gets in the way and prevents you from evolving. It's only when you finally let go that you understand what you’ve been missing out on.

And you, my Friend, deserve AMAZING. I’m just here to remind you of that.

A big, heartfelt Thank You for being here. I'm thrilled that you've made it this far.