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Top 5 Reasons You Need to Embrace Being a Generalist as a Creative Entrepreneur

6-7 min read

Top 5 Reasons You Need to Embrace Being a Generalist as a Creative Entrepreneur

How many times have you felt like a Jane (or Jack) of all trades as a creative professional?

You know, that oh-so-familiar scenario when instead of focusing on what you’ve been hired to do, you end up giving advice on design, UX, wire-framing, visual content for social, or any other thing you know how to do well.

After all, your client asked if you could do this – and obviously you can, so what’s the big deal with being multi-passionate AND a highly skilled creative?

What about all those times you’ve wondered if you should follow the experts’ advice and finally niche down to a single thing you, too, can become an authority in?

Surely they must know something more than you do. They’re not called “experts” and “gurus” just for the fun of it... right?

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5 Sneaky Confidence Killers You Need to Banish From Your Life

8 min read

5 Confidence Killers You Need to Banish From Your Life

Confidence is sometimes one of these mythical, magical creatures that are nowhere to be found when you *really* need a sign that they’re out there.

Other times?

Confidence casually shows up when you least expect it to and you get reminded of how awesome it is to feel confident and actually have your self-esteem back.

Most of the time, though, the reason you may not feel confident enough in life, work, or your relationship with yourself is that your confidence is being kicked out of your life in the presence of 5 sneaky culprits. What’s worse, you may not even realize it.

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11 Good Reasons You Procrastinate (and How to Fix That)

15 min read

Every wonder why you procrastinate?

Oh, you thought it was just you? Nope, not at all!

The truth is, procrastination has been around for centuries. In fact, way back in 700 BC, the ancient Greek poet Hesiod put it this way: “The man who procrastinates struggles with ruin.”

His point, dramatic as it may be, was that those who procrastinate are in effect destroying themselves (and their lives) in the process. Whatever the reasons, the difference between “later” and “too late” can have a direct impact on your life.

Now, bringing this back to the 21st century, if you’ve ever delayed in getting anything done, you’ll probably agree that there is some truth in this statement even today.

Unfortunately, for a long-time procrastinator, pointing that out is not very helpful. And getting a few tips on how to stop putting things off is not going to make much of a difference, either.

If that were enough, there would be hardly any procrastinators left on the planet, and that clearly doesn’t seem to be the case — even if things seem to get better as we grow older

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9 Ways You Let Procrastination Get the Best of You Every Day

10 min read

Procrastination — Productivity — Procrastination Survival Guide Series — Productivity Tips for Creatives

It’s painful to admit, isn’t it?

A little shameful, even.

But the truth is, your biggest enemy is also your most (annoyingly) loyal companion.

And her name is Procrastination.

She greets you every morning as you wake and kisses you goodnight before you go to bed. She follows you around and hardly lets you do anything.

Anything other than putting things off, that is.

It’s suffocating and tiring, yet her persistence wins you over every time. Just as you make up your mind that “Today is the day I will do [insert big plan here]”, she strikes you hard and squashes your motivation until it’s so tiny you wouldn’t even find it under a microscope.

She is the definition of being victorious.

And it doesn’t help that you know it or hardly even like it. She still rises up and gets the best of you each time, while you’re left with nothing.

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