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5 Simple Questions That Will Help You Start Your Website Right

10 min read

5 questions to help you start your website right — Starting a New Website — Start a Website — Launching a New Website — Starting a Website Questions — Website Questions

After days of consideration, you’re excited and can’t wait to launch your first website.

It’s time to turn heads with your creative badassery and wow your prospective clients. What is there not to be excited about?

Totally with you, my friend. But before you get started, it may be a good idea to take a second and think about this new journey you’re embarking on.

Naturally, it’s an important step for you and your freelancing success. So, before you get too excited, there are five questions you need to think about and answer. They may be simple but they’re pretty important for giving your website the solid foundation it needs.

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How to Choose the Best Website Platform for Your Needs

21 min read

How to Choose the Best Website Platform for Your Needs — Build Your First Website — Choosing a Website Platform — Launch a New Website — Start a Website

If starting a blog or launching your first website has been on your to-do list for a while, you probably find yourself having a lot of questions.

“Where do I start? What do I look for? And what do all of these terms mean?”

These may be just some of the things you’re trying to find answers to. And as with everything new, it can all get intimidating especially if you don’t know where to start.

Perhaps the first thing you did was to start searching on Google for things like “start a website” or “how to start a blog”. Some of what you’ll see popping up are phrases like “website builders”, “website platforms” and “content management systems”.

I remember how confusing all of this was for me back when I first started. And the fact that there’s a somewhat blurry line between all these terms doesn’t make it any easier.

Besides, what difference does it make anyway if it’s a builder or a platform we’re talking about? They both do the same thing, no?

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