Every single day, you keep wishing you had more time.

And with every hour that ticks away, the one thing that doesn’t seem to shrink in any way is your to-do list.

With life and work demanding your constant attention, you start wondering what it is you’re not doing right.

What are you missing?

How do all those successful bloggers, biz owners and creative entrepreneurs do it? How do they seem to be in total control of their life and work AND get tons done every single day?

Is there some kind of secret formula you don’t know about (but should)?

And if there is, how do you figure it out exactly?

Introducing the Productivity Superhero Challenge

Say Goodbye to Procrastination

Boost your productivity, improve your workflow, get organized, and cross off more items from your to-do list with this 21-day challenge.

Take a permanent break from stress and put an end to worrying about those upcoming deadlines (or falling behind in your work).

Regain Control of Your Time

Get more productive and efficient in your everyday life and build a mindset that will help you get more done (even if you’ve been a long-time procrastinator).

Because it’s not about finding more time to get things done, it's about having the right system in place.

If you've been waiting for a real challenge and you're ready to work on yourself and your daily habits, this is the perfect opportunity to push your limits starting now. 

I’m the founder and creative mastermind behind DestinationFearless.com, a place where soulful creatives and small biz owners can find support and encouragement throughout their entrepreneurial path.

Being (and staying) productive is not easy, especially when time flies and you’re left with more work than you had planned. You eventually start wondering what you need to do differently. How can you do everything in only 24 hours?

It’s not always easy to get things done, but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Take the challenge and get 21 days of productivity secrets that will help you make the most out of each day (and actually get things done)!

Go Through the Challenge at Your Own Pace

Want to take it one day at a time? Work through the challenge step-by-step so it fits your busy schedule?

No problem! Here's what you get immediately after you sign up:

• Instant access to the Productivity Superhero challenge on the Teachable platform

• A 57-page companion Workbook (completely fillable so you can take it with you anywhere)

• Lifetime access to the challenge and all future updates

SPECIAL BONUS: the 84-page Goal Setting Guide to help you set smarter, better goals so you can achieve your goals faster ($22 value)

So, Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Productivity?

​How about instead of wondering where all the time went you can finally create the time for the most meaningful and purposeful things you should be focusing on in your life + biz?

Or suddenly realizing that you are more focused and on top of your game than ever before... simply because you uncluttered your life, embraced clarity, and adopted a different mindset?

If this is exactly what you're looking for, here's what you'll get with this challenge:

Productivity Superhero 21-Day Challenge

Delivered via Teachable

– Immediate access to the entire challenge and all of the content neatly organized in one place

– A beautifully designed Welcome Kit and 57-page fillable Workbook with all the deets on how to make the most out of the challenge

– 21 lessons and a companion fillable worksheet (or checklist) for each

– Optional Superhero Mode activities to connect with other challenge-takers and share your progress

– A fun + challenging experience designed to help you achieve your productivity goals

– Lifetime access to the challenge and all future updates

SPECIAL BONUS: the 84-page Goal Setting Guide (with fillable worksheets + activities) to help you set smarter, better goals ($22 value)

Start the challenge for just $19

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